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Face pack for different skin problems homemade

Face pack for different skin problems homemade

Now a days life is very busy we  all have to go out for work or some other things ,our skin get exposed to dust , sun, pollution and other harmful chemicals that effects harms our skin. In our busy schedule we don't have time to take care of our skin and we try to take shortcut and easy methods to make our skin  healthy and nourished .
As a result we end up using products available in the market . These products are makes lots of promises that turnout to be unsatisfactory .
A lots of products claim that they are naturals or ayurvedic but these kind of products also contains chemicals which in long run leaves negative impact on our skin . These products are quite expensive and makes hole in our pockets , so as a very good option we can use ingredients available at home .
And make home remedies according to the type of problem . We are having with our skin so according to me I am going to list down some of the remedies that are quick and effective on the basic problem related to our skin that we all face are as follows:-

face pack for all problems-

Ingredients required are
1. wheat grass powder-1 tablespoon.

2. Turmeric  powder- 1 pinch.

3.Cow Milk - 2 tablespoon.

now mix all ingredients and message it for 10 minutes on your skin and then let it dry and wash with lukewarm water .
bonus tip --- It will be more effective if you take green grass powder 1/2 teaspoon with water daily in the morning.

Tan de-tan face packs-

Ingredients required are
1. Ripe papaya 

2. Honey

3. flour (besan or Multani mitti )                                          

 4. Almond oil 

 5. Cream or malai.[for dry skin]

Mix all things then rub it on skin for 10 minutes & leave it for 15 minutes then wash .

Face pack for skin Glow and Whitening -
1. Cut tomato and squeeze in sieve , tomato should be juicy

 2. then put lemon juice in it

3. mix it well & apply it on your skin keep it for 10 minutes, let it dry
4. then wash your face

Face packs for intense Glow smooth & clear skin .
Ingredients required are

1. Multani mitti 2 tablespoon

2.  Honey 1 teaspoon

3.  Rosewater 2 tablespoon

4.  Lemon 2 teaspoon

Mix all  Ingredients and apply , leave it for 20 to 25 minutes wash it with cold water.

For dry skin -Ingredients required are

1. Multani mitti 2 tablespoon

2. aloe vera gel 1 tablespoon

3. Milk 3 tablespoon

4. Honey 1 teaspoon combine ,

Mix all  Ingredients and apply , leave it for 20 to 25 minutes wash it with cold water.

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